• Brandon Merkley

Storytelling in Film

Telling a great story goes a lot deeper than a good script. I loved what was discussed in class about telling stories. Having heard this lecture a couple of times, something else stood out to me more this time, than in times past.

A script tells you what will go on, but it is only most valuable when themes are relevant and prevalent. Like we discussed, there are two types of themes. Explicit, and implicit. Just like explicit music, the explicit theme is clear and obvious. We see it, we hear it, and we know it. If a film was shown before a group of 100 people. Many of them could concur on a very similar EXPLICIT theme. However, implicit is more deep, personal, and motivates the viewer to act.

I can be a better filmmaker (relevant because I desire to do so for a career) by allowing implicit themes to develop. I can do so by creating an environment in my film where emotion, thought and ideas can be developed. An implicit theme made obvious just becomes an explicit theme. Creating content is great, but forming the content is what I have learned that allows implicit themes to be expressed. I will do better by forming content into meaningful sequences.



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