• Brandon Merkley


I learned Photoshop years ago, but some things have changed so I appreciated the refresher and more in depth learning of the tool.

I learned a lot about editing photos, and designing images to make them appealing to myself and whoever is viewing them. I learned how I can take things out of the photos I take. I liked the project where we took the tree out of the photo. That helped me learned how to edit my photos to make them appealing.

I like photoshop because of its versatility. There is a lot of things you can do with it, that allow me to use it on a lot of projects I will do. I plan on using to help enhance my photos, and I like what I can do with the text as well like I learned doing the typography assignment.

I struggle with the scissors for some reason. When comes to cutting images out and separating them from the background. I lack. I definitely need to practice with that tool so I get more acquainted.




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