• Brandon Merkley


Creativity to me isn't about being outrageously unique, but about creating something understanding, meaningful, and important to me. I am most creative when limits are given to me. I can't simply sit down with a blank page and create.

For example, say an assignment is given to me from a teacher or boss. I can take those limits, including certain elements (news story on the football team or a logo for a cleaning company). I feel that I am creative, but not insanely unique. When I think of creativity, I think of the word create. I love to create. Create stories, recreate stories, and create things that make others smile.

Ever since 10th grade I have been passionate about making films, videos and telling stories. When a camera is in my hands or I sit down with an editing software and hours of footage, it creates a vessel for me to create. I don't often find myself sitting down with paint and a canvas, but rather with a camera.




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