• Brandon Merkley

Color of Life

Color adds variety, and a favorite color can tell you a lot about someone. I love this color scheme because red to me feels like power, and strength. Mixed with the softness and emotional color of blue, mixed with a hint of yellow/green. I chose it because I simply like it, and I would use it to make and create something. My least favorite color has to be purple. Purple to me shows unjust dominance (royalty) but it's also a soft color that to me, doesn't ever look good with anything.

Color enhances the things I create because it gives it life. I can create something in black and white, and it feels blank. But I can fill it with colors, and it can change the feeling behind the art. For instance, a blue shirt is a whole world different from a neon green construction shirt.

Color is color, but color makes life.




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